Haircare 2021

A journey inside Mother Nature that brings us back to reality renewed. Nature reconquers the soul of the human being.  Sensations are translated into a mysterious, nourishing journey connected to nature.
The end is a beginning with a return to a reality that is no longer the same. All the beauty and mystery of Mother Nature appears synthesised in the essence and soul of L`Occitane.

Produced by MYGOSH
Directed by Paco Peregrín
Co-Directed by RUN ZËBRA RUN
Executive Producer: Lamar Hawkins
DoP: Didier Daubeach
Photographer: Paco Peregrín
Edition: RZR
Local Production Company: Major West
Model: Chelsey Weimar (Elite Spain)
Photo Assistant: Javier Torrente
1st AD: Joseph Ferreira
Production Manager: Rute Avelar
Local Executive Producer: Jean Michel Paoli
Production Coordinator: Melissa Ehrlacher
Editor: Gabriel Russo
Storyboard: Davis Lisboa
Color Grading: Aline Biz
Sound Design: Nil Ciuró
Hair Style by: Mike Dang Désir
Make up: Víctor Álvarez

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