Syngenta is flooding Brazil with highly hazardous pesticides which make their way into drinking water. Using water polluted by pesticides, Renato Palmuti, a water colour artist, painted portraits of affected people who denounce the ravages of pesticides on health and the environment, and Syngenta’s illegitimate practices in their country.

To give a face to this combat, a Brazilian water colour artist painted portraits of four people affected, using water polluted by pesticides: Ada, Hugo, Fátima and Juvana are standing against the widespread use of pesticides in Brazil and Syngenta's toxic business in their country. Because while Syngenta boasts about its efforts in terms of sustainability and innovation, our investigation reveals that the Swiss giant takes advantage of weaker standards in Brazil and elsewhere to continue selling highly hazardous pesticides which are no longer authorized in Switzerland or the European Union due to their effects on human health or the environment.
Produced by: RUN ZËBRA RUN
Agency: Freundliche Grüsse AG
Directed by: Gabriel Russo + Luis Villanova
DoP: Gabriel Bianchini
Location Manager: Betão
Executive Prod.: Analiny Mendes
Artist: Renato Palmuti

Soundtrack: Sofa King Wood Music
Voice Over: Francisco Cochi
Thanks to: Thinkers Management
Copyright by RUN ZËBRA RUN 2023©