Born in Brazil in the late '80s, Gabriel embarked on his creative journey in 2006 as an art director for advertising, he ventured into motion design and currently works as a film director with a global presence, collaborating with top-tier advertising agencies and production companies.
Contrary to the adage, 'God doesn't give wings to snakes,' life granted him a European passport.
Since 2011 Barcelona has become his home sweet home, where he founded RUN ZËBRA RUN in the autumn of 2017 .
His talent has been sought after by renowned international brands such as McDonald’s, Nike, Microsoft, BMW, Red Bull, MTV, HBO, FIFA, KFC, 20th Century Studios, Diesel, L’Occitane, to name a few. Along the way, he has been honored with multiple international awards, including 2 Cannes Lions, 7 ADC Awards, and one Eurobest.
Blending all his skills in design, motion graphics and live action, creating unique pieces full of energy.  Fueled by passion, he dives into each gig with loads of heart and dedication.
Always pursuing projects that set his soul on fire. Gabriel is always ready for adventure and for breakfast.


2x Cannes Lions
2x Shortlist
3x ADC Europe Awards
4x ADC Italy
1x Eurobest
2x  German Brand Awards
1x Prêmio Colunistas
1x Ads of the World Awards